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Saturday, 10 September 2011

CN Blue will perform in Linkin Park's Concert

Pop-rock band CN BLUE will be opening for Linkin Park‘s concert in Japan!

It was recently reported that CN BLUE will be performing as the opening act for Linkin Park’s concert at the MAKUHARI MESSE center near Tokyo. Linkin Park had personally asked CN BLUE to perform for them after reviewing their profile.

A representative explained, “ Linkin Park personally listened to CN BLUE’s songs and were extremely satisfied after witnessing the boys’ stable vocal capabilities and performance skills. ”

It’s common for artists who go abroad for concert tours to choose local talent for their opening acts; the fact that CN BLUE is a Korean band opening for a Japanese concert makes this particular achievement very notable.

CN BLUE’s representative added, ” This special occasion will help boost CN BLUE’s global presence. The boys are very excited for this event and are practicing hard at night to showcase an excellent performance.”

Linkin Park and CN BLUE will be performing on September 10th. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration!


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